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Due to their camouflage Orange tips mate in April or May. At this time the male orange tips (can be observed frequently at hedges and in meadows on their search for the shy and inconspicuous females. Oviposition of the fertilized females takes place separately (in rarer cases in small groups) do you mean that the eggs are usually laid si...

... shady biotopes. Food plants are chosen particularly because of their ethereal oil (mustard oil) content, which the females detect using chemosensors, which are on their forelegs. In order to avoid egg laying on the same plant by other orange tips, the female leaves odoriferous substances (pheromones) on the leaves.
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Adult Vanessa cardui reach wing spans of 45-60 mm. Their forewings have black tips with white spots which bear a certain resemblance to the wing tips of the red admiral (Vanessa atalanta). The base of the forewings is yellowish brown. The inner area of the wing is orange with black patches. The pattern on the forewings’ underside is a distinctly paler version of that on the upper surface. ... orange with black patches. The pattern on the forewings’ underside is a distinctly paler version of that on the upper surface. On the upper edge (of the forewings’ upper surface) there are 2 large bright spots. The black area on the wing tips can be interspersed or mottled with brown or shades from orange to red.
>> Moths & Butterflies -> Brush-footed Butterflies -> Painted lady
... dominate. The head, chest and abdomen have brownish-yellow hair. Their forewings have a brownish-red upper surface, with a striking pattern of yellow to orange-red spots. There is always a black "eye" patch with a white core near the wing tips. On the bright seam of the wings runs a thin margin. Near the “eyes” are more patches of yellow. which run parallel to the outer edge of the wings. The outer edges of the forewings are convex. The underside of the forewings is a brownish colour and ...

...ellow. which run parallel to the outer edge of the wings. The outer edges of the forewings are convex. The underside of the forewings is a brownish colour and is mottled black, yellow and white. There is one white "eye" patch near the wing tips.
>> Moths & Butterflies -> Butterflies -> Canary speckled wood
The males are clearly identifiable due to their colouring, however female orange tips can be confused with other species such as the eastern bath white (Pontia edusa),the small white (Pieris rapae), the mountain dappled white (Euchloe simplonia), Anthocharis damone, Pontia daplidice or Anthocharis euphenoides. Orange tips live on both, dry meadow rangesand damp meadows or pastures at heights of up to 1500 metres. They can be seen in bright, damp forest, at the edges of damp forest, at small lakes, in brook valleys, at river banks or dykes, in moorlands, in back g...
>> Moths & Butterflies -> Butterflies -> Orange Tip
...rtant identifying characteristic of the species. The front side of the head is black to blackish brown in both sexes. The colouration of the crown of the head corresponds to that of the back in both sexes. The antennae are black and have lighter tips. The maxillary and labial palpi are dark and also have lighter tips. The thorax is black. The first segments of the abdomen are black The tip of the male’s abdomen is bright crimson. The wings go back as far as the hind knees and are mottled in the middle. The top halves are very dark. Due to their appearance, O...
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...ical unit. Some examples of species of moths are: Arctiidae, Endromidae, owlet moths (Noctuidae), Cymatophoridae, picture-winged leaf moths (Thyrididae), eggars, snout moths or lappet moths (Lasiocampidae), Lemoniidae, saturniids (Saturniidae), hook-tips (Drepanidae), Thaumetopoeidae, Lymantriidae, hawk moths, sphinx moths and hornworms (Sphingidae), burnet or forester moths (Zygaenidae), and Notodontidae. Moths are not always nocturnal but they only fly in sunny weather. Most moths are inconspi...
>> Moths & Butterflies -> Moths
Common red soldier beetles are 7 mm to 10 mm long. They are yellow-reddish colored on the whole body, with only the rear deck wing tips dark. The Common red soldier beetles have long probe, of which the first two limbs are reddish, the remaining are brown coloured. The legs are orange, the feet are dark.
>> Beetles -> soldier beetles -> common red soldier beetle
Small white
...mall white (Pieris rapae) is a butterfly of the family Pieridae. It is common in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. The small white reaches wingspans of 40 - 50 mm. Its wings are white with black spots. The front wings have grey to black tips. The undersides of the hind wings are grey to yellow. The caterpillar is a dull green colour with light stripes on the sides.
>> Moths & Butterflies -> Butterflies -> Small White
Red admiral
...butterfly of the family Nymphalidae, and the subfamily Nymphalinae. It is widespread in Europe, North Africa and North and Central America. Adult Vanessa atalanta reach wingspans of 50 - 65 mm. The surface of the wings is a velvety black colour. The tips of the forewings have white spots which are separated by an orange stripe. The hindwings have an orange edge. The underside has black, blue and dark brown speckles.
>> Moths & Butterflies -> Butterflies -> Red Admiral
The veins in their wings are set back strongly and only appear clearly in the front of the wings. The wings of the males have white tips. The green long-legged fly has very long, hairy, spiky-looking, brownish-coloured legs and it can run and jump perfectly. It flies only to change location over longer distances. Its long legs allow it to pull prey out of the soil or to fish the...
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