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Grüner K&aumlfer
... reach body lengths of 35 - 45 mm. Their bodies are bright red in colour. They have compound eyes. In the males, the upper part of the eyes is red in colour, while the lower part is whitish to yellow. In the females the eye colouration is paler. The thorax has black markings on its upper surface and on the sides. Young specimens of both sexes have yellow to bright red stripes on the surface of the middle segment of the thorax (mesothorax). In some females these stripes are paler - reddish-orange to yellow - and they can darken with age. The underside of the thorax is yellowish to whitish in both sexes.
>> Dragonflies -> Large red damselfly
Taurus fly
...with apically thin hair. The proboscis is strikingly large, yellow in colour and appears slightly darker at the end. In the resting position it lies on the belly amongst the legs. The proboscis is stretched out before eating takes place. The chest (thorax) is very rounded, yellow on the sides has a big, black shiny patch on the upper side. This patch is joined to broad longitudinal stripe which extends to the head. At the thorax’s sides there are large scales under which the halteres are covered. The abdomen is yellow and with black spots on the top as also with three black bandages , which to the rear end are wedge-shaped and extended. The legs are long , thin and from r...
>> Flies -> Small-headed Flies -> Taurus fly
... black and yellowish-brown to reddish-brown in color. The underside of their body is covered in gray hairs. They have black heads and black antennae Their eyes have a clearly visible edge on the inside. The antennae are situated near the eyes. The thorax is almost spherical and has a rough scattering of spots. An important feature is the Scutellum which backwards is shaped like a double peak. The wing covers of younger insects are lighter in colour (brownish-yellow), and darken over the course of t...

...e is the Scutellum which backwards is shaped like a double peak. The wing covers of younger insects are lighter in colour (brownish-yellow), and darken over the course of time (reddish brown). They have a scattering of spots similar to that of the thorax.
>> Beetles -> longhorn beetles -> Fairy-ring longhorn beetle
...reddish-copper colou. The face is without markings. While the antennae of the drones comprises 13 segments, those of the females have only 12 segments. The eyes of the hornet are clearly visible and appear in the shape of a "C". The thorax and abdomen of european hornets are hairy. The upper surface of the chest (thorax) of the subspecies Vespa crabro crabro is dark coloured in the middle, while the subspecies Vespa crabro germana have a narrow red marking shaped like a "V" on their Mesoscutum. The abdomen has the typical black-brown/yellow colourati...
>> Wasps -> Vespidae -> European hornet
...he head is light coloured with a central marking in yellow, gray, brown and reddish-brown tones. Their two large compound eyes are brown in colour. Their mouth parts are atrophied because they mostly do not eat and live of fluid. The surface of the thorax is yellowish, reddish and whitish in colour and has a wide, somewhat darkened median stripe, in which a bright line runs lengthwise. The scutellum (small triangular plate on the thorax) is bright turquoise. Each segment of the abdomen has a light brown andreddish brown pattern on it and a long shiny green stripe lengthwise on the upper surface. In male specimens the posterior part is often red or reddish brown in colour. The Po...
>> Flies -> Mayflies -> Pond olive dun
... 4 mm. Their round, yellowish, reddish and beige coloured bodies are covered in dark, widely spaced bristles. The head is yellowish-white, with a broad face and dark stripes of bristles at the top. The compound eyes are large and reddish. The chest (thorax) is reddish-yellow and covered with long individual bristles. The scutellum is light yellow and has individual bristles along its edges. The abdomen and thorax are separated by a narrow ‘waist’, resembling that of wasps.
>> Flies -> Lauxaniid flies -> Meiosimyza rorida
The queen bee is 15 to 23 mm in length, while the, workers and drones are approximately 8 to 21 mm. Bumblebees have a strong rounded body, comprising head, thorax and abdomen. They are protected from the cold by hair which is mostly yellow, white or black in color. The colouring of the bumblebee varies from type to type. Bumblebees eat using a proboscis, which can vary in length. They have one pair of comp...
>> Bumblebees
...y have a distinctive marking which can vary They are black and yellow in colour. The males abdomen is club shaped and the females’ is ovoid. The face and the forehead are bright yellow. Their eyes are hairless. They have reddish-yellow antennae. The thorax has brownish yellow stripes on its sides. The wings are transparent and significantly shorter than the body. The legs are yellow.
>> Flies -> Hoverflies -> Sphaerophoria scripta
Tabanus sudeticus
... are the largest species of horse fly in Central Europe. They are widespread throughout the entire Palearctic eco-zone. Tabanus sudeticus reach body lengths of 19-25 mm. Their base colour is grey-brown. Their compound eyes are dark brown. The thorax of these flies is olive-brown to grey and has 3 weak longitudinal lines, which are somewhat brighter in colour. The dark brown segments at the rear end of the abdomen have a light-brown edge which gets wider at the sides. There is an even lighter...
>> Flies -> Horse and Deer Flies -> Horse-fly Tabanus sudeticus
Adult Helophilus pendulus reach body lengths of 10 - 14 mm. Their faces are yellow and have a wide black stripe in the middle. The antennae are black with yellow bristles. The thorax is black with 4 longitudinal yellow stripes. The scutellum is brown. Helophilus pendulus have pale wings with a dark patch at the edge. The wings have a slight brownish tint. The abdomen has a black base colour and a striking marking on its surface ...
>> Flies -> Hoverflies -> Helophilus pendulus

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