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Water scavenger beetles reach body lengths of 4-9 mm. Their bodies are oval-shaped, with a very flat underside. They have a slightly metallic sheen, are deep black in colour and shimmer slightly bronze when seen in light. Adults have short, club-shaped antenn...

...lpi like the antennae often have dark ends. On the wing covers (elytra) are 10 stripes of fine, puncture-like points. These stripes, which are lengthwise and become furrow shaped at the rear end, are the main distinguishing feature of the water scavenger beetle. Additional rows from irregular posited series of points appear in the space between the rows from regular posited points. The legs of the beetle are yellowish, yellow-brown or rust-colored. The tarsi appear reddish brown to dark brown in co...

... in the space between the rows from regular posited points. The legs of the beetle are yellowish, yellow-brown or rust-colored. The tarsi appear reddish brown to dark brown in colour. The hind legs have long hairs that aid in swimming. The water scavenger beetle prefers to live in and on smaller bodies of waters with sufficient sunlight. They are often found (as adults or larvae) floating on the surface of salt water or brackish water (mixture of river and sea water). The adults eat rotten plant...
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Water scavenger beetles
Water scavenger beetles (Hydrophilidae) is a family in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the infraorder Staphyliniformia and the superfamily Hydrophyloidea. From the 2300 species which exist worldwide, around 109 are found in Germany. Among these (as in those found i...
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Adult water scavenger beetles reach body lengths of 1 - 50 mm. The shape and colour of these insects varies widely. Their bodies can be round, oval, elongated or compact and their colouring black, brown, yellowish-brown, red, reddish-yellow to yellowish green and dark gr...

... ways and the surface of the body can be dull or shiny. The conical shaped antennae of these insects are striking and can have 6 - 9 segments depending on species. On the lower jaw and lower lip are palpi which can be longer than the antennae. Water scavenger beetles hold air under their wing covers (elytra).
>> Beetles -> Water scavenger beetles
The females possess special glands to produce fibres which they use to build cocoons under water. Air is kept in these cocoons for the larvae to breathe. Water scavenger beetles feed on plants and rotting substances. Their larvae mostly live predatorily at the bottom of water bodies. Water scavenger beetles are very useful because they purify the water.
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Dung midges - Minute black scavenger flies
The minute black scavenger flies (Scatopsidae), also known as "dung midges" are an important family, in the order flies (Diptera), the suborder Nematocera, the infraorder Psychodomorpha and the superfamily Scatopsoidea. This family is divided into the subfamilies As...
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Nematocera (Nematocera)
Nematocera belong to the Insect Order Diptera. Examples of Nematocera families are: Anisopodidae, Bibionidae, winter crane flies, crane flies, net-winged midges, blackfly, gall midges, biting midgets, dark-winged fungus gnats, minute black scavenger flies, phantom midges, phantom crane Flies, Chironomidae, moth flies, mosquitoes, Macroceridae, and fungus gnats. In Germany, mosquitoes and crane flies are the most common.
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Lesser dung fly
The Lesser dung fly (Sepsis fulgens) belongs to the genus Sepsis, in the order Diptera, suborder Brachycera, infraorder Muscomorpha (Section: Schizophora; Subsection: Acalyptratae), superfamily Sciomyzoidea, family black scavenger flies (Sepsidae), subfamily Sepsinae and tribe Sepsini. Scientific synonyms for Sepsis fulgens are: Sepsis cynipsea, Sepsis communis, Sepsis concinna, Sepsis tonsa, Sepsis and Sepsis vibrans minimus.
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Query: Black scavenger fly - Sepsidae - Sepsis fulgens
Black scavenger fly - Sepsidae - Sepsis fulgens
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Query: Black scavenger fly - Themira putris
Black scavenger fly - Themira putris
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Query: Black scavenger fly - Themira putris - applied  wings
Black scavenger fly - Themira putris - applied wings
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