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Keyword: Pimpla

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Black slip wasp
The black slip wasp (Pimpla instigator) belongs to the family ichneumon wasps (Ichneumonidae), in the order Hymenoptera, the suborder Apocrita and the superfamily Ichneumonoidea. They are widespread and commonly encountered in Europe and North Africa. The black slip wasp re...
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Some species of ichneumon wasps are: Rhyssa persuasoria, Therion circumflexum, Dolichomitus dux), black slip wasp (Pimpla instigator) and Protichneumon pisorius.
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Query: Red legged Pimpla instigator
Red legged Pimpla instigator
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Query: Black slip wasp - Pimpla instigator - Male
Black slip wasp - Pimpla instigator - Male
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