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Keyword: Paraplatypeza

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Paraplatypeza atra
Paraplatypeza atra belong to the order Diptera, suborder Brachycera, infraorder Muscomorpha ( unranked taxon: Cyclorrhapha), section Aschiza, superfamily Platypezoidea, family flat-footed flies (Platypezidae) and to the genus Paraplatypeza. Paraplatypeza atra are commonly found throughout the Palearctic and often reproduce twice a year. This species is non endangered.
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Flat-footed flies
... encountered throughout the world and comprises approximately 20 genera and about 250 species. The genera include: Agathomyia, Bertamyia, Bolopus, Callomya, Calotarsa, Grossoseta, Grossovena, Kesselimyia, Melanderomyia, Linderomyia, Microsania, Paraplatypeza, Penesymmetrica, Platypeza, Platypezina, Plesioclythia, Polyporivora, Protoclythia, Seri and Symmetricella. In Germany 23 species of flat-footed flies are known.
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The yellow flat-footed fly (Agathomyia wankowiczii) is the most well known species. Other common species are from the genus Platypeza. These species include: Bertamyia notata, Paraplatypeza atra and Polyporivora polypori. The oldest fossil remains of flat-footed flies are from the Cretaceous period. The flies of this family reproduce twice a year and are non endangered.
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Paraplatypeza atra are small flies with body lengths of 2-2.5 mm. Their stocky, bumpy bodies are very dark at the top and light grey at the bottom and the females appear somewhat brighter than the males. Their heads are black (females: dark greyish-brown) and t...
>> Flies -> Flat-footed flies -> Paraplatypeza atra
...en is almost completely black and has this grey "dust", the underside is light grey. The genitalia of the males are very large and are placed below the abdomen. The glassy wings are brown and transparent with clearly distinguishable veins. Paraplatypeza atra have brownish-grey legs. The feet (tarses) on the back legs are wider and more flat.
>> Flies -> Flat-footed flies -> Paraplatypeza atra
Paraplatypeza atra live on the organic debris from trees and herb leaves. The females lay their eggs on fungi, which the larvae feed on. The deer mushroom (Pluteus cervinus) is preferred. The larvae reach body lengths of 4-5 mm. Their yellow to brown bodies are s...
>> Flies -> Flat-footed flies -> Paraplatypeza atra
Query: Paraplatypeza atra
Paraplatypeza atra
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Query: Fly - Paraplatypeza atra
Fly - Paraplatypeza atra
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Query: Flat-footed flies - Paraplatypeza atra
Flat-footed flies - Paraplatypeza atra
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