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The females lay their eggs in a cocoon, which is attached to leaves. They keep guard of their brood until autumnwhen the young spiders hatch from the eggs. The main enemy of the young are the larvae of the ichneumon wasps Tromatobia lineatoria. Chickadees (Paridae) are the primary natural enemy of adult Philodromus dispar. The spider overwinter behind the bark of dead trees.
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Natural enemies of the ladybird are: ground beetles, Reduviidae , birds, lizards, shrews and frogs. The Dinocampus coccinellae (a parasitoid wasp) is a specialized enemy. Certain Hymenoptera, aphids and nematodes also have a harmful, parasitic relationship with ladybirds.
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The pseudoscorpion Chelifer cancroides, which also resides in human environments is a natural enemy of the booklouse. Psocoptera have a life expectancy of up to 12 weeks. A female booklouse is capable of laying up to 120 eggs. Thus, in favourable conditions (in buildings) booklice can produce 8 new generations in a lifetime.
>> Booklice - Barkflies
...rn rootworm are able to destroy entire harvests. Furthermore Bark beetles, Ips typographus, the Old-house borer and Mountain pine beetles destroy wooden structures, forests and woods. The Asian ladybird is among those considered useful, as it is the enemy of many pests in agriculture and forestry.
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