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Keyword: Dermestidae

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Attagenus smirnovi
Attagenus smirnovi is a species of the genus Attagenus, in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the suborder Polyphaga, the infraorder Bostrichiformia, the superfamily Bostrichoidea, the family Dermestidae, and the subfamily Attageninae. Attagenus smirnovi possibly originated in Africa and spread to Russia and from Eastern Europe to Central Europe, Northern Europe and Western Europe. Since 1985 Attagenus smirnovi have also been found in Germany.
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Anthrenus pimpinellae
... in the order beetles (Coleoptera), the suborder Polyphaga (water, rove, scarab, longhorn, leaf and snout beetles), the infraorder Bostrichiformia, the superfamily Bostrichoidea (carpet, powder-post and death-watch beetles), the family skin beetles (Dermestidae), the subfamily Megatominae (synonym Anthreninae) and the tribe Anthrenini. This species has several subspecies such as: Anthrenus pimpinellae pimpinellae, Anthrenus pimpinellae incertus, Anthrenus pimpinellae isabellinus and Anthrenus pimpinellae m...
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